Cambra Speed Shop


We will walk around, up and under the car to take a look at all the U-Joints, Shafts, Pedal Ratios, Suspension, Alignment, Brakes and Fluids to offer any recommendations to service.

We can only imagine how old the fluids are in that cool ride you just bought. We have a dedicated expert ready to help with your maintenance and service needs. We will inspect the fluids and make any recommendations. AND we will dispose of the hazardous materials for you as well. No fuss, just drive your new old car like you stole it!

It’s important to keep that rubber on the road in a safe and economical way. Proper tire rotation will help lengthen the life of your tires. While we are at it, we will inspect the rubber for any cracking, uneven wear and make any recommendations we may find.

We inspect the fluid level and quality, pad and shoe wear and drum and rotor wear for any imperfections and offer recommendations of service or replacement. We will look at the steering to make sure all the connections are to proper specs and proper lubrication. We use a two-person final check for all connections.

Those bouncy things tend to wear out and you get rolling pitch on the corners or bumpy rides. We will look at the shock travel and recoil as well as any bumpstops that may need replacing.

First we look at the timing and then the carburetion and work to dial in the ignition with new plugs and make any recommendations for replacement of the coil, wires, or distributor. We also look for any vacuum leaks and check for compression.