Cambra Speed Shop


Meet the Family

Since he first started working on cars, Ron always kept his family close. His boys Ron Jr. and Ryan helped build some of the early cars at the shop. Their contributions led to a quality that is unsurpassed to this day. Today, Ron and Laurie’s daughter Sophie hung up her jr. dragsters and works in the office keeping the files in check.

Dedicated  to fine fabrication and to serving you with quality & value.

Our fabricators, Painters, Welders, and dudes with beards are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all: they love cars and care about yours. Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us. JUST ASK THEM!

Interview with Ron Cambra:



Wow, that’s one of the prettiest design layouts I’ve seen in my 62 years, colors and everything else! Seriously. Beautiful job. Not just in the skill and artistry involved, but of the gorgeous end result. Some people are tremendously talented in custom car work , but, IMO, have little sense of style and/or taste. You guys have it all! Again, fantastic job, all around. – TOM C on YouTube.