Cambra Speed Shop


C8DENCE is a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria previously customized in early 2000’s. The new owner bought it from a dealer online and when it was delivered was not entirely what he thought it was. There was quite a bit of stuff wrong to call it a full “show-ready” custom. The wheels were particularly suspicious. The steel wheels painted red with sombrero caps had red paint on the wide white walls. We took off the hubcaps to find “trailer” wheels brush painted red while mounted with the tires! The under-carraige was a mess and we cleaned it up as well as the engine compartment. Freshened up the engine free of leaks and a whole mess of other ancillary items. We added a new Hurst Assisted McLeod Clutch, Gear Vendors overdrive, and Ford 9″ posi with 4:11 gears. We restored the Ford Racing 460 Cobra Jet, and ceramic coated the Doug’s Headers and Exhaust.