Cambra Speed Shop


Ron Cambra’s Historic 1975 Dodge Van. When his buddy Brian O’hop says he knows of an original late ’70s custom van in a barn in Ohio, Ron says, get me his number and pretty much bought the van site unseen. A month later it arrives and is a mess outside. But when he get’s the gull-wing doors opened he couldn’t believe how nice it was inside. For 30 years it sat in a barn all sealed up and the wood is like brand new. He only needed to re-upholster the front seats, door panels and dash. The original T-Tops were cracked so when the vinyl top was re-upholstered he did the padded vinyl on the t-tops till he gets new plexi made. The expert body prep and paint guys did a great job getting it all back together. Osmar and Hitoshi laying down the black and clear, then Steve Vandemon picked up on the graphics. The mural on the hood and center of the back door are original, all the other graphics and lettering were restored by Steve. The van was a hit at the recent Keep On Truckin’ exhibit at the 2023 Grand National Roadster Show parked in front of Ron’s other van: “Octopus’ Garden”.