Cambra Speed Shop


At Cambra Speed Shop, we leave the paintwork to those who are true artists with a spray gun. Our crafstmen came from top shops and the “Overhaulin'” A-Team. The focus is to make each panel straight as a razor, the gaps as even as a supermodel’s teeth and the surface as smooth as a baby’s butt.

Our full-time crew of craftsmen includes:
Hitoshi Umekage, Osmar Mata and George Tantardini. Each member has their unique experience and with this winning combination each project that rolls through the body and paint shop meet our exacting standards. On occasion, we may bring in specialists when the duty calls such as pinstriping and graphics, specialty paint surfacing and finishing.


We see it on TV when a shop delivers a car all painted up a day after it was sprayed. What many don’t realize is that the resin in the body filler, skim coat and primer needs time to “gas-out”. A couple of weeks to a month to sit in primer is key. If it is painted too fast there can be separation, bubbling and a whole list of other issues.

Cambra Speed Shop has a standard we have developed in the past few years for mirror smooth finishes, consistent gaps and razor sharp body lines. We are passionate about this standard and our customers appreciate that passion.